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Loan Assistance in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Trust the loan assistance services provided by our mortgage lender in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, to assist you with finding funding for your home or business. Washington Nationwide Mortgages Corporation offers you the financial assistance you need to help you with your home, business, or commodities. Contact us at (888) 761-2497 to speak with one of our trained brokers today about how we can best assist you. Let our team of seasoned mortgage professionals help you find solutions for your borrowing challenges.

Commercial & Industrial Loans

Let us assist you with both conventional and creative financing for your commercial or industrial projects. Once we approve the merits of the project, we are able to finance it for you through one of several of our programs, such as joint ventures and partnership programs. Credit is not an overriding issue for these types of loans and in some cases we are able to provide to you with no money down and no upfront fees. The minimum loan for a National loan is $100,000.  The minimum loan for an International loan is $10,000,000, no caps.  International foundation funding up to $3,000,000,000.

Meeting, Loan Assistance in Upper Marlboro, MD

Loan Programs:

Commercial Properties

  • Light industrial

  • Office buildings

  • Multi-sector development and Industrialization Funding

  • Transportation and rail system

  • Roads and bridges, beach fronts, amusement parks, recreational and entertainment industry

  • Modern airport development

  • Renewable energy, solar system, power and refinery construction

  • Natural resources mining, oil production & oil reclamation technologies
  • Communication and IT technologies
  • Agricultural modernization and commercialization project

  • Self storage (mini warehouses)

  • Restaurant buildings

  • Warehouse buildings

  • Commercial condos

  • Retail strip centers

  • Super Shopping Malls
  • Medical and professional buildings
  • Single tenant properties

  • Non-owner occupied hotels

  • Special-purpose properties, including schools, hospitals or universities

Multi-Family Properties

  • Apartment properties with five dwelling units or more

    • Mobile home parks

    • Mixed use

    • Residential affordable homes, mansion houses

    • Medium, large realestate housing subdivisions

Owner-Occupied Properties

  • Restaurant buildings

  • Bed and breakfast Inns

  • Gas stations with convince store

  • Day care centers

  • School buildings

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Auto mechanic facilities

  • Motels/hotels

  • Car washes

  • Dry cleaning establishments

  • Laundromats

  • Fast Food Franchise

Residential Mortgage & Loans
When you are in need of a residential mortgage or loan, our professionals can help. We have more than 20 years of experience assisting home buyers with attaining FHA, Conventional, VA, jumbo, hard money, and construction loans as well as foreign national mortgage loans.
Business Loans
Let us help you start your business or upgrade your current one with our business loan assistance. From refinancing and merger acquisitions to franchise loans, we make it easy for you to find the capital you need to bring your business to life.

 Contact us in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, at (888) 761-2497 for more information about our loan assistance services.